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2023 Mind Aid Bike Ride Across Canada



1. I would like funds raised to go to the Schizophrenia Society of Canada (SSC)

or your own provincial Schizophrenia Society.


***On the forms, put "Mind Aid" in the optional private message/comment box

 so they can track how much money is raised. 


Donate to SSC here: 

Donate to your provincial Schizophrenia Society here:


British Columbia






New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Newfoundland and Labrador


***On the forms, put "Mind Aid" in the optional private message/comment box

 so they can track how much money is raised.

2. I would also love if people donated to the Mind Aid nonprofits so that people with

mental illness in developing countries can get access to basic mental health care.


Donate to the Mind Aid nonprofits here: "Mind Aid - Donate"

Tentative itinerary (a full, but tentative, itinerary is at the bottom of this page):

June 4 - leave Vancouver, BC

June 14 - Banff, AB

June 21 - enter Saskatchewan

June 28 - enter Manitoba

July 4 - Kenora, ON

July 15 - Wawa, ON

August 1 - enter Quebec

August 6 - enter New Brunswick

August 15 - enter PEI

August 16 - enter Nova Scotia

August 19 - enter Newfoundland

Check on the Mind Aid blog and on Mind Aid social media for updates before and during the trip!

After the trip is over, I will go back to my regular speaking and advocacy work. But next summer, I may want to do the trip again! It could become an annual event! A couple of months of biking and speaking, and then 10 months of  "regular" speaking and advocacy work, rinse and repeat!


I hope as time goes on that I will be able to pay my own way with speaking opportunities (or maybe my own nonprofit or social business someday). Right now, I'm struggling financially somewhat. Whether it's poor choices or simply having schizophrenia or other things, I'm not sure.


If anyone would like to donate to pay my living expenses to do this advocacy work fulltime, that would mean the world to me. I would like to raise millions of dollars to help others with mental illness over my lifetime.


Hopefully I'll be able to be self-sufficient before too long. I'm not sure what kind of sponsorships I'll get for this bike ride, but I hope it will bring a lot of  buzz to what I do (by the way, my nickname is "Buzz", so I always get a kick out of when I can use "buzz" in a sentence!), and help me become a more in-demand speaker and advocate.


I know so many people are struggling financially right now, and it is hard for me to ask for help, but if anyone wants to donate to me, it would mean a lot. 

Here are ways to donate to me:

Mind Aid Patreon page

My PayPal page

Or hire me to speak at my speaking page here

Thanks so much, everyone...let's go help some people suffering...they're waiting for us.

~ Matthew Dickson, Founder of Mind Aid

Driver details:


Please email me at if you want to be a driver!

I am working on sponsorships so the driver(s) and I don't have to pay for much at all: food, gas, vehicle, hotels (camping is possible, but hotels would be better for internet access, for me doing interviews, plus putting on events along the route).

The driver would pretty much have to drive and not much else. Some bike repair skills or social media/photo/video skills would be beneficial but not mandatory.

The driver wouldn't have to help out at the events in the evenings (people in each community from mental health groups could do that), but they would be more than welcome to attend!

Driving to grocery stores/restaurants and the occasional bike shop in case of repairs. Driving me to/from events each/most nights.

Roughly one rest day a week.

A number of drivers could be for just 1-3 weeks each, or 1 driver for the whole 10-12 weeks, or 2 drivers could do 5-6 weeks each, or some combination like that. I would just need one driver at any one time though.

A small support vehicle, hopefully hybrid or EV, but EV might add too much confusion for finding a charger, so a hybrid (gas-only) would be preferable.

Full, but tentative, itinerary for 2023:

Sunday, June 4 - Vancouver-Mission, BC

Monday, June 5 - Hope

Tuesday, June 6 - Spences Bridge

Wednesday, June 7 - Merritt

Thursday, June 8 - Kamloops

Friday, June 9 - rest day

Saturday, June 10 - Salmon Arm

Sunday, June 11 - Revelstoke

Monday, June 12 - Golden

Tuesday, June 13 - Field

Wednesday, June 14 - Banff/Canmore, AB

Thursday, June 15 - rest day

Friday, June 16 - Cochrane or Calgary

Saturday, June 17 - Beiseker

Sunday, June 18 - Drumheller

Monday, June 19 - Hanna

Tuesday, June 20 - Oyen

Wednesday, June 21 - Kindersley, SK

Thursday, June 22 - Outlook

Friday, June 23 - Elbow

Saturday, June 24 - Moose Jaw

Sunday, June 25 - rest day

Monday, June 26 - Fort Qu'Appelle

Tuesday, June 27 - Melville

Wednesday, June 28 - Binscarth, MB

Thursday, June 29 - Minnedosa

Friday, June 30 - Portage la Prairie

Saturday, July 1 - Ste-Anne

Sunday, July 2 - rest day

Monday, July 3 - Whiteshell

Tuesday, July 4 - Kenora, ON

Wednesday, July 5 - Nestor Falls

Thursday, July 6 - Fort Frances

Friday, July 7 - Atikokan

Saturday, July 8 - Kashabowie

Sunday, July 9 - Thunder Bay

Monday, July 10 - rest day

Tuesday, July 11 - Nipigon

Wednesday, July 12 - Terrace Bay

Thursday, July 13 - Marathon

Friday, July 14 - White River

Saturday, July 15 - Wawa

Sunday, July 16 - rest day

Monday, July 17 - Pancake Bay Prov Park

Tuesday, July 18 - Sault Ste. Marie

Wednesday, July 19 - Thessalon

Thursday, July 20 - Massey

Friday, July 21 - Manitowaning

Saturday, July 22 - Tobermory

Sunday, July 23 - rest day

Monday, July 24 - Owen Sound

Tuesday, July 25 - Collingwood

Wednesday, July 26 - Mount Albert

Thursday, July 27 - Peterborough

Friday, July 28 - 

Saturday, July 29 - Godfrey

Sunday, July 30 - Ottawa

Monday, July 31 - rest day

Tuesday, August 1 - Hudson, QC

Wednesday, August 2 - Mont St. Hilaire

Thursday, August 3 -  Nicolet

Friday, August 4 -  Quebec City

Saturday, August 5 - Riviere Ouelle

Sunday, August 6 - Lac Baker, NB

Monday, August 7 - rest day

Tuesday, August 8 - Grand Falls

Wednesday, August 9 - Woodstock

Thursday, August 10 - Fredericton

Friday, August 11 - Saint John

Saturday, August 12 - Sussex

Sunday, August 13 - rest day

Monday, August 14 - Shediac

Tuesday, August 15 - Cavendish, PEI

Wednesday, August 16 - Merigomish, NS

Thursday, August 17 - St. Peters, Cape Breton

Friday, August 18 - Little Bras D'Or

Saturday, August 19 - Argentia, NL

Sunday, August 20 - St. John's

I will be bicycling across Canada in the summer of 2023 to raise funds and awareness for schizophrenia (that's what I've got) and mental health in developing countries.


I am currently looking for a driver of a support vehicle (hopefully hybrid/EV), or more than one driver for 1-3 weeks each (or 2 drivers of 5-6 weeks each, or other combinations). This is a big ask to find someone willing to drive, I know. It could be partial/all expenses paid and maybe some pay for it too.


If anyone is interested in driving a support vehicle, please reach out to me at or on social media. The sooner this can be nailed down the better. See more below...

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