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March 30 Update on 2023 Bike Ride Across Canada

Find the latest about my bike trip across Canada for mental health this summer (my bike, support vehicle or no support vehicle, and funding) here:

Also, I am getting closer to making Mind Aid a charity to accept donations.

Right now I steer people towards 10 nonprofits helping people with mental illness in developing countries get access to access basic mental health care, and the money bypasses me entirely.

If I became a charity, I could take a small percentage of donations so that I can do this work full-time instead of having a regular job and not being able to work on Mind Aid as much.

I'll be going past this Terry Fox monument in Thunder Bay on my ride this summer. I passed it when I biked across Canada in 1992, and it was a humbling experience.

You can donate to help someone with mental illness at the 2023 Bike Ride Across Canada webpage here:



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