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Tentative dates for 2023 Mind Aid Bike Ride - leaving Vancouver on June 5

I have added some tentative dates for my bike ride across Canada for mental health this summer:

June 5 - leave Vancouver, BC June 15 - Banff, AB June 21 - enter Saskatchewan June 28 - enter Manitoba July 4 - Kenora, ON July 15 - Wawa, ON August 1 - enter Quebec August 7 - enter New Brunswick August 15 - enter PEI August 16 - enter Nova Scotia August 19 - enter Newfoundland

If anyone is interested in driving a support vehicle for this ride or any section of it, I hope these dates can help you plan for it.

Please reach out to me at if you know of anyone who would be interested in being a driver!

Tentative dates are posted on the 2023 Mind Aid Bike Ride page here:



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