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I'm planning a cross-Canada bicycle ride in 2023 for mental health awareness!

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

I bicycled across Canada when I was 20, but I developed schizophrenia when I was 22. I've always wanted to do the trip again!

My mental health improved weekly for almost 3 decades, and now I feel I'm ready to tackle the trip again.

I announced this week I am doing the ride again in the summer of 2023!

I have started reaching out to mental health organizations to help me put on events in communities along the way. I have also started reaching out to sponsors.

The biggest ask would be for someone to drive a support vehicle (hopefully

hybrid/EV). The trip would be 10-12 weeks in the June-July-August range.

One driver could do the whole trip, or, as another option, a number of drivers could do it in spells of 1-3 weeks each (or 2 drivers for 5-6 weeks each, or other combinations).

If anyone is interested in driving, please reach out to me at or on social media.

Bicycle repair skills and social media/photo/video skills would be beneficial but not mandatory. It might be partial/all expenses paid, or perhaps with some pay for the driver(s).

This will be a fundraiser for schizophrenia, most likely the Schizophrenia Society of Canada (details to be worked out later).

I will also encourage people to donate to the Mind Aid nonprofits (in the "Donate" section of to help people with mental illness in developing countries get access to basic mental health care.

I am looking forward to meeting people along the way and breaking some myths about schizophrenia, and also making people more aware of the Mind Aid cause.

If anyone has any ideas of ways to help out/improve any aspect of the ride, please reach out to me!

~ Matthew Dickson, Founder of Mind Aid - Helping people with mental illness in developing countries get access to basic mental health care



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